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Hey - Mechanisms is now called Elegant Machines!

Why? To avoid confusion with a certain other library out there 😉
Only the name has changed - it's still the same great sounds!

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More howling, wind-battered outdoor city ambiances.

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Sounds of a rushing, crashing and clucking creek.

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Berlin markets, museums, playgrounds and shops.

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Trains & stations of Berlin, S-Bahn & U-Bahn.

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Money counted, handled, poured and more.

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Save $30 - get Tokyo - Outdoor Ambiances & Tokyo Tourist in one.

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Welcome to the Hzandbits sound effects library.

I aim to offer one of the most interesting, surprising and inspiring places to go for anyone looking for sound effects for games, sound effects for movies - or maybe even sound effects for powerpoint, if you have that inclination.

My approach is to offer small(ish) sound collections, each focused on a single topic. Some websites offer huge downloads with tons of content, and in some cases, that makes sense. You probably already have some of those - you probably don't need a lot more.

I want to provide you with small sound effects downloads of exactly the sounds you need - or perhaps sounds you haven't heard before. With that said, go ahead and browse. I hope you find what you are looking for - or perhaps something better.

Best, Christian Hagelskjaer From - Owner, Hzandbits Sound Effects

BTW: Regular email subscribers always get a solid release discount whenever a new library comes out (25% off on the last one time), but if you sign up now, you get a nice 50mb free download of sounds, plus a discount when the next library is released. By the way: all release discounts are for life - they never expire. So even if you don't need these sounds now, you can always redeem your subscriber discount and get them cheap. Good enough?