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Hvac Elements

Humming, droning, whooshing hvac machinery.

No sound? Try here.

Hvac Elements is 1.65Gb / 61 minutes of fans, heaters, coolers and things that go WHOOSH, in 49 separate files, recorded in 24bits/96kHz quality.
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Hvac Elements Product ImageHere's a sound effects library to help you put some realistic hvac specifics in your productions, recorded from a variety of sources at many different locations.

From table fans to large industrial vents, as well as a multitude of cooling units. Humming, droning, whooshing hvac machinery; some well-oiled, some rattling and worn. Bathroom vents, AC units and a hot water pressure pump. Even the feeding mechanism of a pellet stove.

Recorded with a minimum of ambiance and background noises (location permitting) and many delivered as seamless loops. The perfect companion to Hvac Drones & Tones.

You get:

  • A variety of hvac elements
  • Seamless loops
  • Searchable file names
  • Secure Amazon S3-powered download
  • BWF Metadata embedded, with more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats - here's a PDF preview
$28.00 – Add to Cart Includes 0% tax