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Tokyo Tourist

Tokyo - Traffic, temples, parks, trains & people

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Tokyo Tourist is more than 2,2Gb of sound from different locations in Tokyo and beyond.
28 recordings/70 minutes of stereo recordings featuring temples, trains, fish auctions and much more - this library takes you to some of the locations a tourist might visit, all in 24bit/96kHz quality.

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Recording with the same setup as Tokyo - Outdoor Ambiances, I went to Shinjuku station and Gyoen Park. I recorded the bustling Tsukiji fish market and the Meiji Jingu - just to name a few of the sounds in this library.

You get:

  • Clean, realistic ambient recordings of interesting locations
  • Traffic, temples, parks, trains, people, people, people...
  • All sounds recorded with the same microphones - in the same setup (spaced-omni).
  • Secure Amazon S3-powered download
  • Searchable file names
  • BWAV metadata embedded with even more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats - here's a PDF preview
$46.00 – Add to Cart Includes 0% tax