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Latest Sound Effects

More howling, wind-battered outdoor city ambiances.

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$32.00 – Add to Cart Includes 0% tax

Sounds of a rushing, crashing and clucking creek.

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$20.00 – Add to Cart Includes 0% tax

Berlin markets, museums, playgrounds and shops.

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$32.00 – Add to Cart Includes 0% tax

Trains & stations of Berlin, S-Bahn & U-Bahn.

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$32.00 – Add to Cart Includes 0% tax

Money counted, handled, poured and more.

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$8.00 – Add to Cart Includes 0% tax

Save $30 - get Tokyo - Outdoor Ambiances & Tokyo Tourist in one.

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$68.00 – Add to Cart Includes 0% tax

Welcome to the Hzandbits sound effects library.

I aim to offer one of the most interesting, surprising and inspiring places to go for anyone looking for sound effects for games, sound effects for movies - or maybe even sound effects for powerpoint, if you have that inclination.

My approach is to offer small(ish) sound collections, each focused on a single topic. Some websites offer huge downloads with tons of content, and in some cases, that makes sense. You probably already have some of those - you probably don't need a lot more.

I want to provide you with small sound effects downloads of exactly the sounds you need - or perhaps sounds you haven't heard before. With that said, go ahead and browse. I hope you find what you are looking for - or perhaps something better.

Best, Christian Hagelskjaer From - Owner, Hzandbits Sound Effects

BTW: Regular email subscribers always get a solid release discount whenever a new library comes out (usually 20% off), so sign up now, you also get access to + 800mb free downloads of sounds in The Vault, plus a discount when the next library is released. By the way: all release discounts are for life - they never expire. They also cover the whole cart, so even if you don't need these sounds now, you can always redeem your subscriber discount later and get your sounds cheap. Good enough?