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Back when I released Construction Ambiances, I felt I had to leave out a wealth of material to make the release a manageable size. But who am I to sit on a bunch of sounds every bit as good as the ones that made it into that release?

Here, then, is a preview of Construction Ambiances II:

Berlin Ambiances I Coming Soon

I've been sitting on these sounds for about a year (some of them longer) without really looking at them, but when I realized they were a release waiting to happen, I couldn't ignore them any longer. Berlin Ambiances I is a collection of sound effects most of which are recorded in quasi binaural stereo. Wait, what? Yes, quasi. Back in 2013, I built what I, at the time, called a binaural recording headset. The point of this thing was not only to put microphones in my ears, but, by using modified ear muffs, also to have wind-protection that did not make me look like I had an absurd hair growth in my ears.

It was later pointed out to me that it was in fact quasi-binaural - since the microphone capsules were not located behind the Pinna. Still sounds pretty good, though. Most of these recordings are from early February 2015 - in Berlin, of course. A few are from October 2013, recorded with the internal mics of my trusty Sony PCM M10.

Recording with mics on your head is always fun. You can't sneeze, cough, scratch your head - or even move your head (not even a little bit). For your sake, then,I have made a fool of myself in the streets of Berlin, looking like a paralyzed hipster with weird headphones on, not moving for minutes at a time. Ok, so I had a mother of a cold - I admit to editing a few sickening coughs out, before release.

Speaking of which; Berlin Ambiances I should be out in a few days is out now. Since it will come with the usual subscriber discount, better sign up for my newsletter before then (awww...too late now!).

Btw: Yes, I am planning on doing Berlin Ambiances II - going to Berlin in a couple of weeks...

More sounds from my trip to Tokyo back in May this year!
Whereas the first installment was focused mostly on a quiet residential area of the largest city in Japan, this time the focus is more on inner city tourist favorites such as Akihabara, Shinjuku and a couple of recordings from out of town as well.

Here is the first audio preview:

No sound? Try here.

(Get your Tokyo ambiances now).

No sound? Click this: Construction Ambiances Preview 3

There are plenty of excavator-action in Construction Ambiances, and this is just a short example. I recorded a couple of sites being cleaned up and prepped for construction, and that involved some demolition/wrecking here and then. You get some nice sounds of excavators scraping with their shovels on concrete, moving and dropping debris, loading rubble onto trucks, etc. In some of the files, you hear them turning on their turrets and rolling their tracks.

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