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Christian Hagelskjær From - Owner,

Welcome to - my name is Christian Hagelskjaer From, and I run things around here!

Shop is where you can find (and buy - if you want) my work in sound. I have a growing collection of sound effects suitable for film post sound, game sound and other multimedia productions.
I also do sounds that are more geared toward musicians and composers, like loops, tonal percussion and more. Check in now and then to see what I've got.

Blog is my personal account of the things I do, hear, see or think - that relates to music and sound I make or take part in making, listen to, stumble over, etc. I live in Aarhus, Denmark (yes, that is a country in Scandinavia - not the other way around).

Be sure to read the FAQ, if you have any questions about the downloads or anything else. If it's not in the FAQ, you can ask questions or send me feedback in the form below.

I hope you like reading my ramblings or find bits and pieces useful to your own endeavors. Love it or hate it - you are always welcome to drop me a note or a comment somewhere along the way.


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